Each team needs to put the [[#|outline]] of their 1AC up on their page

An outline needs to include, in this order:
1. The plan text you are reading
2. The cites for all evidence you read, in the order you read it. Citations should include the tag, [[#|complete]] cite, and first/last words

3. For your Neg for each debate please list two sets of arguments

1. off case arguments and on case offense in the 1NC
2. 2NR strategy

Please be as descriptive as needed for those

How do I do this?

1. If you don't have a wiki account, you will need to create one
2. [[#|Click]] "[[#|edit]]" in the upper right hand corner
3. Find your lab listed below. Under the name of your lab write the names of your team as it will appear on the pairing.
4. Highlight the name of your team and in the [[#|toolbar]] click "Link"
5. Click "add __link__". This will make a hyper link on your name, so it should appear now as [[#|blue text]] underlined.
6. Click "save". This should return you to the default view of the __homepage__
7. Click the hyper __link__ of your name. It will now bring you to the page for your team and you can upload your 1AC info.
8. Click "edit", and then upload your 1AC info.
9. Click "save".

You are done.

Maria & Scott


Stephen and Ben
Alex and Grace
Alexia and Maria
Ali and Nate
Brandon and Matt
Camille and Alexia
Danish and Stephen
David and Thomas
Leo and Henry
Elizabeth and Larry
Ethan and Pranav
George and Jack
Grant and Shikhar
Harris and Julian
Henry and Mason
Kalyani and Larry
Lance and Tyler
Nick and Sam
Nina and Nasim
Nasim and Harris
Brandon and Sophia(HJPV)


Keren and Brandon (HJPV)
Malone and Martina (CPPR)
Matthew and Ben
Lauren and Kalyani (BFHHR)
Annabelle and Elyse (BFHHR)
Richard and Ribhu
Josie and Josh (HJPV)
Jerry and Amanda
Daniel and Charlie
Rafael and Dhruv
Anish and Auggie (BCPPR)
Josh and Devansh
Ted and Max


Matt and Reznick
Jack and Jack
Devanshi and Katherine
Samar and Josh
Magi and Talia
Patricia (HJPV) and Ye Jun (MZ)
Natasha and Kevin
Alyssa and Amelia (HJPV)
Sam and John Raulston Graham
Eva and Sydney
Emma and Colin (BCPPR)
Tyler and Ben
Nadia and David
Samar and Josh
Tyler and Kristin
Max and Roland