The United States Federal Government should provide renewable energy assistance to Mexico through the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission.


Advantage one – relations

Energy cooperation is key to a SUSTAINABLE partnership – boosts regional economy, solves Mexican violence and reverses Latin anti-US sentiment

Reyes 13 – JD, member of the USA Today Board of Contributors
(Raul, April, “Opinion: President Obama has the chance to improve US/Mexico relations,”
Obama will arrive in Mexico … its potential, not on its problems.

Thinking BEYOND security is key – energy cooperation overcomes alternate impediments and creates a resilient partnership

Miller and DeLeon 9 - *Stephanie, consultant on U.S.-Latin America relations and was formerly the Research Associate for the Americas Project on the National Security Team. Born in Venezuela with family from Colombia, Miller earned her degree from Duke University in International Comparative Studies with a focus on Latin America. She currently lives in Bogotá, Colombia, **Rudy, Senior Vice President of National Security and International Policy at American Progress
(“Transcending the Rio Grande,”
The U.S.-Mexico relationship …strategic allies in ¶ the hemisphere.

SEQUENCING is vital – CLIMATE cooperation FIRST spills over to the rest of relations

Donnelly 10 – Program Associate, Mexico Institute @ Wilson Center
(Robert, “U.S.-Mexico Cooperation on Renewable Energy: Building a Green Agenda,”
Discussant Johanna Mendelson Forman … of adequate
export-import financing//.

Only Obama solves – reverses Anti-US sentiment throughout Latin America

Valencia 13 - New York-based political analyst and is a contributing writer for Global Voices Online
(Robert, “U.S. and Latin America: Economic Cooperation without Militarization?,”
In May, President Barack … and security integration amongst themselves.

US-Mexico climate cooperation prevents Latin skirmishes from escalating to war

Barry 13 – senior policy analyst at the Center for International Policy, where he directs the TransBorder project, he specializes in immigration policy, homeland security, border security and the outsourcing of national security, has authored or co-authored more than twenty books on Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, food aid, the United Nations, free trade and U.S. foreign policy
(Tom, “Changing Perspectives on US-Mexico Relations,”
It’s unfortunate that the … with shared interests and responsibilities.

Latin American wars go global

Rochin 94–Professor of Political Science
(James, Professor of Political Science at Okanagan University College, Discovering the Americas: the evolution of Canadian foreign policy towards Latin America, pp. 130-131)//BB
While there were economic motivations … be discussed in the next chapter.

Relations solve border terrorism and drug networks

Storrs 6 (K. Larry Storrs, Specialist in Latin American Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division of CRS, 1/18/2006 “Mexico’s Importance and Multiple Relationships with the United States”,
Sharing a 2,000-mile border …health, environment, and energy issues.

The impact is an attack on US soil

McCaul 12 – JD @ St. Mary’s, former federal prosecutor
Terrorism remains a serious threat … a
weapon of mass destruction.

Terrorist Attacks cause a nuclear war – The US suspicions would put our nuclear arsenal on high alert, causing Russia and China to Preempt
Ayson 10 - Professor of Strategic Studies and Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies: New Zealand at the Victoria University of Wellington
(Robert, “After a Terrorist Nuclear Attack: Envisaging Catalytic Effects,” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 33.7, InformaWorld)
But these two nuclear worlds…still meet with a devastating response.


A US economic crisis is coming

DeLong 13- Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a Visiting Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation (J. Bradford, “The Second Great Depression: Why the Economic Crisis is Worse Than You Think”, July/August 2013 Foreign Affairs)Beddow
Despite its many virtues, however, …
crisis// in the years ahead.

The economy’s stagnant

NYT 8/2 (Jared Bernstein, Senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington and a former chief economist to Biden, “An Economy Stuck in Second Gear”,
At the risk of being too … like to join that ride.

Mexican economy’s low

Focus Economics 6/19 (6/19/13, “Economic growth slows down markedly in first quarter”, (the country being described is Mexico)
In the first quarter, GDP increased …to pick up to 4.0%.

Latin energy connectivity is key to growth

Noriega and Cardenas 12 – *Former US State Dept Official, ** director with Vision Americas
(“An action plan for US policy in the Americas,” December,
Key points in this Outlook:
America’s economic crisis and threats … means a more prosperous United States.

FDI enhances economic productivity

Waldkirch 8 (Andreas Waldkirch, degree in economics, “The Effects of Foreign Direct Investment¶ in Mexico since NAFTA”, Munich Personal RePEc Archive,
Still, to the extent that … those in the empirical analysis.

Mexican prosperty is key to the US economy – consumption.

O’Neill 1/14– Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies, contributor to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Wilson Institute (Shannon K., “U.S. Depends on Mexico for Exports”, 1/14/13;
Surprising to many Americans is ... U.S. companies and workers alike.

US growth solves great power war

Khalilzad 11 – PhD, Former Professor of Political Science @ Columbia, Former ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan
(Zalmay Khalilzad was the United States ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations during the presidency of George W. Bush and the director of policy planning at the Defense Department from 1990 to 1992. "The Economy and National Security" Feb 8
Today, economic and fiscal aggressive moves in their regions.

Decline causes drawdown of US military presence which triggers proliferation, preemptive moves and resource conflicts

Harris and Burrows 9 - *Mathew, PhD European History @ Cambridge, counselor in the National Intelligence Council (NIC) , **Jennifer, a member of the NIC’s Long Range Analysis Unit
(“Revisiting the Future: Geopolitical Effects of the Financial Crisis”
Increased Potential for Global Conflict
Of course, the report encompasses …a more dog-eat-dog world.


Advantage two – warming

Global warming is real and human induced – 97% of top climate scientists agree-data overwhelms

Anderegg et al 10 – PhD Candidate @ Stanford in Biology
(William, “Expert credibility in climate change,” National Academy of Sciences, p. 12107-12109)//BB
Preliminary reviews of scientific literature …forums regarding anthropogenic climate change.

Only action now solves future catastrophe-must stabilize temperature rise

Antholis and Talbott 10 – Director and President @ Brookings
(William Antholis, managing director of the Brookings Institution and a senior fellow in Governance Studies, former director of studies at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution, deputy Sec. of State under Clinton, “The Global Warming Tipping Point,” The Globalist,
Moreover, we need to startpump CO2 into the atmosphere.

Warming is an existential risk – quickening reductions is key to avoiding extinction

Mazo 10 – PhD in Paleoclimatology from UCLA
(Jeffrey Mazo, Managing Editor, Survival and Research Fellow for Environmental Security and Science Policy at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, 3-2010, “Climate Conflict: How global warming threatens security and what to do about it,” pg. 122)//BB
The best estimates for global … social, cultural and political changes.

We access specific catastrophic scenarios- there’s an obligation to go out of our way to avoid them

Scorse 8 – Professor of International Studies
(Jason, Assistant Professor @ Monterey Institute of International Studies @ Middlebury College, What Environmentalists Need to Know About Economics, Online Book)//BB
Even though the science now … choosing the proper discount rate.

Co2 causes ocean acidification killing all ocean species

McKie 11 (Robin McKie is science and technology editor for the Observer “Ocean acidification is latest manifestation of global warming”, 28 May 2011

That discovery is highly revealing… of greatest importance to humans."

Ocean acidification on the brink now

Doney 09 Scott C. Doney Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution “Ocean Acidification:¶ The Other CO2¶ Problem”
Over the past 250 yearsbe more serious for humankind.

Technical assistance for renewables significantly reduces greenhouse gases

COCEF 12 - La Comisión de Cooperación Ecológica Fronteriza
(“Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Transportation: Project Opportunities in the U.S. – Mexico Border Region,”
This white paper describes the …
capacitated and experienced program manager//.

Mexico is key:

First – production – they have ENORMOUS renewable energy potential

Wood 10 – PhD in Political Studies @ Queen’s, Professor @ ITAM in Mexico City
(Duncan, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars,
The North American contextThe …development of renewable resources

Second – technology transfer – Mexico will spread the green tech globally-Central America proves

ENS 12 – Environmental News Service
(“U.S., Canada, Mexico Vow ‘Continental’ Energy Grid,”
The leaders of the United … increasing North American energy trade.”

Third – international cooperation – Mexico is key solar spillover – best tech, exporting

Huacuz 5 (Jorge M. Huacuz, PhD @ UC-San Diego in physics, specialist in unconventional energy sources, president of the national association of solar energy in Mexico November 2005 “The road to green power in Mexico – reflections on the prospects for the large-scale and sustainable implementation of renewable energy” Energy Policy 33.16 JG)
The number of non-government ...
transfer, and joint implementation work.//

Tech spreads – strong international ties

Storrs 6 (K. Larry Storrs, Specialist in Latin American Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division of CRS, 1/18/2006 “Mexico’s Importance and Multiple Relationships with the United States”,, JG)
WhileMexico is strongly … still-to-be-approved enlarged Security Council.

Independently, the BECC’s transparency and accountability makes it an international model for bilateral cooperation
Rocha 9/8/12 – Consul of NADBank Board of Directors (Ortiz,, Public Meeting of the Board of Directors Transcript¶ November 8, 2012)

The madam co-chairs already … to fund their environmental projects


Finally – solvency

An expanded BECC role quickly facilitates a Mexican green economy-track record proves

COCEF 12 - La Comisión de Cooperación Ecológica Fronteriza
(“Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Transportation: Project Opportunities in the U.S. – Mexico Border Region,”
assistance// in the focus sectors.

Specifically – the US is key-empirics, symbolism and showcase for sustainable development

--aid is high now, but should be re-oriented towards renewables
Hartsoch 11 – MA @ San Jose State, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for SolFocus
(Nancy, “A Sunny Future for Border Relations?,”
Amidst the darkening cloud of ... a peaceful, prosperous, cleaner future.

Renewables solve quickly – outside expertise is key

Carus 13 - UK journalist, regularly reporting on clean energy policy and finance from California for a global audience
(Felicity, “Mexico offers tantalising prospect of a dawning major market,”
Solar investors in the US … potential gas pipelines,” said Hanhausen.

Engagement inevitable – its only a question of effectiveness
a. TPP
Sarukhan 12 (Arturo Sarukhan, Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. since February 2007, “Viewpoints: What Should the Top Priority Be for U.S. – Mexican Relations?” American Society/Council of the Americas, 12/3/12,
Over the past two decades, …bilateral efforts toward economic progress.

b. Merida Initiative
Janes 13 (Jared Janes, Reporter for The Monitor, 2/4/13, “Cuellar: U.S. aid to Mexico should continue”,
U.S. aid allocated under the Merida Initiative will … call the assistance to Mexico.”

c. Funding inevitable
Seelke and Finklea 6/12 (Clare Ribando Seelke is a Specialist in Latin American Affairs and Kristin M. Finklea is an Analyst in Domestic Security “U.S.-Mexican Security Cooperation: The Mérida Initiative and Beyond”, June 12, 2013,, A.S.)
Inaugurated on December 1, 2012, … placed on Mérida Initiative funding.

Federal action is key – must be a coordinated and comprehensive strategy

Romero-Hernandez 12 – Professor @ Berkeley, PhD in Process Economics and Environmental Impact from Imperial College, London, UK
(Omar, et al, Wilson Center,
The growing potential for … the most effective paths forward.

Federal action is key – agency oversight

GNEB 11 – Good Neighbor Environmental Board, The Good Neighbor Environmental Board was created in 1992 by the Enterprise for the Americas ¶ Initiative Act, Public Law 102-532.The purpose of the Board is to “advise the President and the ¶ Congress on the need for implementation of environmental and infrastructure projects (including ¶ projects that affect agriculture, rural development, and human nutrition) within the States of the ¶ United States contiguous to Mexico in order to improve the quality of life of persons residing on ¶ the United States side of the border.” ¶ The Board is charged with submitting an annual report to the President and the Congress. ¶ Management responsibilities for the Board were delegated to the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency by Executive Order 12916 on May 13, 1994
(“The Potential Environmental and Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Development in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region,”
Several U.S. federal agencies//NEPA and implement executive orders.